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Visiting the battlefields

I am sure that errors will have occurred over the years as links have changed or become lost in the dust of archives. I have also just updated the layout to something more mobile friendly. A daunting task and one where I am sure there will be unforeseen problems.

Rather than go for a chronological approach I decided that most general visitors will have arrived via a search engine and may therefore have an interest in a particular area or a particular nation's involvement.

The pages are therefore grouped into two basic locations, France and Belgium. These are then subdivided into the major participants.

The Introduction section offers a chance to search for a CWGC cemetery or some background history. I have created numerous maps and although it is possible to search the Maps section it is, frankly, easier just to go to a particular battle and follow the links from there.

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Not everything is covered because there is so much to see and visit. My objective is to try and link things together so that with luck readers who were looking for one thing will find something else that interests them nearby. That's how the site is constructed: I become distracted by something totally unconnected with the research in hand, but interesting all the same.

Simon - March 2021