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Anzac Day 2016

At Bullecourt you either cook or get frozen. This year there was almost no sign of the sun and although we were spared snow, the driving rain was chilled by a strong northerly wind.

Mme Gladys Watson, Maire of Bullecourt welcomed the gathering before handing the mike to his excellency Mr Brian Pontifex, Australian Ambassador to the OECD.

There was a subtle change in the ceremony this year. Past years have seen the laying of wreaths at both the British-Australian Slouch Hat Monument and then the Village War Memorial. This year only one set, on the French memorial, were lain.

The parade then set out for the Digger Memorial on the battlefield, where wreaths were lain and a more Australian oriented ceremony took place.


Some photos from the afternoon service


For the moment it is still dry A contest of wills WO 1 Kellie Brett Finalising things The Australian guard of honour Facing their French counterpart And then the rain came on Inspection of the troops Only one set of wreaths this year Mme Gladys Watson, Maire of Bullecourt Mr Brian Pontifex, Australian Ambassador to the OECD Mme Fabienne Buccio, Préfète Pas de Calais And the rain didn't give up But spirits were not too dampened at the Digger Memorial The Royal Australian air Force Band The German representative The wettest commemoration for years The catafalque party dismoounts

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