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Webmatters : Map: General area of Loos and Lens

Loos and Hill 70

General area around Loos and Lens

Map: Loos 1915, Battle dispositions

Map: Hill 70 1917, Canadian objectives

Map: Arras | Map: Vimy Memorial | Map: Arras Town

Loos 1915 | Vimy Ridge 1917 | Hill 70 1917

16th Division Plaque at Haisnes

46th Division Memorial at Vermelles | 46th Division Memorial at Auchy

Michael O’Rourke VC | Robert Hanna VC | Filip Konowal VC

15th Battalion CEF Memorial at BĂ©nifontaine | The Loos victims of 1914

Cambrin Military Cemetery | Cambrin Churchyard Extension | Woburn Abbey Cemetery

Vermelles British Cemetery | Quarry Cemetery | St Mary’s ADS Cemetery

Ninth Avenue Cemetery | Bois Carré Cemetery

Philosophe British Cemetery | Fosse 7 Military Cemetery

Dud Corner Cemetery | Loos Memorial

St Patrick’s Cemetery | Loos British Cemetery | Maroc British Cemetery