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Robert Gibson

I was remembering our trip with you in August, following the WW1 trail of Frank M. Gibson.
Your knowledgeable and insightful leadership on that trip left a great impression on our family and we have shared it with those who were not able to join us. Thank you again.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 11 November 2015


Simon Giroux

We had Simon as our guide for a family visit to a relative killed in 1915 and he was amazing at describing all the different parts of the history. We recommend him hugely too everybody who would like to follow the steps of an old uncle or brother who was killed in WW1. Thank you so much.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 19 August 2015

The tour was organised through the 15th Battalion Memorial Project for whom I have raised a number of commemorative plaques in France.

15th Battalion Memorial Project


Muriel Jeffrey

This web site has been an impressive and massive undertaking.


Algonquin Highlands, Ontario, Canada – 21 February 2015


Jim Bryan

Both of my grandfathers served in France during 1918. My paternal grandfather and his cousin were in France and my grandfathers cousin fought with the U.S. Marines at Belleau Wood, where at the age of 19 he was killed. His name was John Bryan and he was from Chicago, Illinois. Some day I will visit Belleau Wood and pay tribute to all who fought here in The War To End All Wars.

Decorah, Iowa, USA – 17 September 2013


Stuart Hulse

You have done a lot of work on this site. I found it fascinating with so much information. I found out so much more and it will make my trips to the WW1 sites more interesting. Thank you for what you are doing.

Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales – 24 February 2013


Katie Bradbury

I too live in France and was browsing the internet for my Great Uncle Sid’s cemetery when I found a link to your site. You have a photo of his stone, so would like to thank you. I will be going to Saint Quentin before Christmas, so will visit the grave then. I visited him a few years ago before I had children and would like to take them there. Once again thank you for taking so much interest in the war graves, our children are taught a lot about it in France and show great interest.

Samois Sur Seine, France – 26 November 2012


Ken Cox

Great Site. My great uncle, Rupert Hinds, won his DCM at Bourlon Wood

Toronto, Canada – 6 December 2012


Rod Martin

Thank you so much for providing this valuable source of information about both wars.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 17 November 2012


Carol Atkinson

Hi, I am currently researching Major Bertram Robert Brewin, MC, of the 16th Royal Sscots who was Second in Command of the 34th Division, 9/2/1917 to 26/4/1917. Lt Col George Macrae signed the war diaries I have been reading. I have enjoyed looking at your website and found the football connection fascinating.

Darlington, County Durham, England – 20 May 2012


Kevin Whittle

I’m planning a trip this summer to visit all the RNR memorials. Thank you for the website and the information. As a Newfoundlander currently serving I am very excited to visit those hallowed grounds.

Ferryland, Newfoundland – 19 March 2012