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Webmatters : The Battle of Loos, 90th Anniversary Commemoration 2005
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90th Anniversary Commemoration

24th September 2005

On the eve of the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Loos, a short commemoration was held at the St Mary’s Advanced Dressing Station CWGC Cemetery.

Hundreds of veterans, their families and friends, young soldiers and onlookers from both France and the UK were amongst those who gathered amongst the graves of those who fell so many years ago.

Veterans from another war sitting in the sun

Veterans from another war sitting in the sun

Following this short ceremony everyone retired to Loos-en-Gohelle for refreshments and in preparation for the afternoon’s walk out to the front lines accompanied by pipers from the King’s Own Scottish Borderers and the great grandson of one of their regimental pipers who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallant piping during the battle.


Some photos from the ceremony

Isabelle Pilarowski from the Loos Museum and Peter Last greeting veterans and families Soldiers from the King's Own Scottish Borderers The musicians arrive whilst the visitors walk amongst the graves Waiting on the commencement of the ceremony The French Veterans' Associations Royal Tigers : Leicestershire Regiment The Flowers of the Forest Past and present The lone piper

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