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Webmatters : The Battle of Loos, Hohenzollern Redoubt
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Hohenzollern Redoubt, Auchy-les-Mines

10th October 2015

Following the more intimate ceremony at Quarry Cemetery in the morning a large parade was scheduled in the afternoon from the centre of Auchy-les-Mines to the memorial to the 46th (North Midland) Division near the site of the Hohenzollern Redoubt.

Led by the town band, local association banners and the civic dignitaries the first section of the parade was followed by the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, members of the Black Watch (3 SCOTS) and Mercian Regiment plus numerous regimental associations.


Some photos from the Parade

Waiting for the head of the parade to get far enough away The Pipes and Drums lead the military contingent Coming out of the town centre The Black Watch regimental colours Lieutenant Colonel Alasdair Steele, commanding the detachment Members of the Black Watch Association and Lt General Sir Alistair Irwin Jamie Joycie-Cecil on the left A variety of tartans on kilts and trews Soldiers from the Mercian regiment The local French Veterans' Associations The military soon closed the distance on the civilians In part because the civilians kept stopping for photos Designated photographer for the Scots His job is to keep the officers in line Numerous Scottish flags were seen on the way through the estates The head of the parade reaches the estates The only 'Hun' seen all day Passing the former mining estates Scottish Association Colours A very mild reminder of what mud is like

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Having passed through the former mining estates the parade gathered at the Hohenzollern monument, forming up on a section of field that was now clinging mud. Even within a few paces the participants began to realise what it might have been like in the pouring rain and covered in the stuff.

Gathering around the small enclosure the crowd witnessed the unveiling of a new plaque dedicated to Major General George Thesiger, commanding 9th (Scottish) Division and Captain Fergus Bowes-Lyon of the 1/8th Black Watch who were both killed in the vicinity on the 26th and 27th September 1915.

Following the laying of wreaths, Last Post and a lament, the parade retraced its steps as far as the Auchy Sports Centre where the Maire, Madame Joƫlle Fontaine offered the gathering refreshments.

Speeches were made, children sang and the afternoon was brought to a suitable close by the Black Watch musicians.

Some photos from the unveiling

The new plaque waiting to be unveiled Lt General Sir Alistair Irwin and Jamie Joycie-Cecil Trying to work in a very confined area The grandson of Major General George Thesiger KIA A cadet played the lament The English participation at the redoubt was rather overlooked today Receiving the flag that had covered the plaque The new plaque The original 46th North Midland Division Memorial At the reception The afternoon finished in grand style

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